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Ellen L. Gilmer is a published author, speaker and performance artist living in New York City. She has spoken and performed internationally and enjoys sharing her experiences with others. She has published two books with the Pentland Press Ltd. and Carnegie Publishing Ltd. in England: La Belle Famille, a novel, and Free Style Run of the Heart, a book of dramatic monologues with poetic songs, and she is now an active KDP Amazon publisher. Her latest book, Song Poems from the Cumulus Cloud and Creative Essays, was published by Create Space, an Amazon company. Ellen is also a correspondent for the International Press Association and a Fine Arts & Cultural Ambassador. She is always interested in comments and feedback from her readers.

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By Ellen L Gilmer

Engaging New Video Background Innovations


At Kinetic Lens, we offer products using the latest in updated motion background technology. Along with our superior quality motion backs, we also offer a wide selection of video templates for your professional use and enjoyment. A motion background is video footage that is created for inclusion as artistic background in a video or motion graphics production. These videos are short and in looped format so that they add a pleasing style, color pattern and rhythm to your video. They are designed to add impact and artistic dynamics as well as validity to your final video content without distracting the viewer’s eye and attentions from the product or other main subject of the video appearing in front of this continuously moving background.

Our motion backgrounds may be abstractions, realistic natural scenes, cityscapes or any background subject matter of choice. Colors may be brilliant in hue or subtle, and these backgrounds can move at whatever desired speed has been selected. By combining integrative software techniques and tracks of animated motion background in HD Mp4 videos of approximately 10 seconds in length, motion video experts created short motion background footage. These moving backgrounds add dynamic impact and emphasis to headings and menus of DVD presentations, film trailers, performance art introductions and videos for product advertising campaigns.

Creating Abstract Motion Backgrounds

You can design and create abstract motion video backgrounds by using several different methods, such as the following:

Software Programs. – With use of various popular software packages, you can produce ideal abstract motion background loops. Two major types of software currently recommended for creating these moving abstractions are 3D Rendering Software and Motion Graphics.

  •  3D Rendering Software. – Top quality 3D creative software programs on the market today include 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D and Blender, a free, open source choice. With this software, you can invent detailed three dimensional objects ranging from a plain geometrical shape to a replica of a human or animal body. Beginning with a wire frame, you can build your chosen form by adding textures as well as many lighting and color effects to bring your constructed form to life. Although this 3D software is frequently used to produce animation, it can also help you create dynamic and effective motions backgrounds for your videos and digital graphics. This versatile software enables you to color, blend, overlay, animate and add your choice of 3D shapes and other effects to produce spectacular abstractions as moving backgrounds.   
  • Motion Graphics Software. – Two major motion graphics software packages are in popular use today by both professional and amateur motion background creators—Adobe’s After Effects and Motion from Apple. Although After Effects is currently rated as the leading moving background and graphics software, Apple’s Motion is also quite a good choice. With this software’s myriad creative capabilities, you can manipulate objects, textual content, colors, shapes and textures. After experimenting and deciding on your best moving graphics for background designs, you can combine, layer, highlight, blur, glow, flow, bend and fine-tune your content to produce winning abstractions in motion backs.  

Footage-Based Motion Backs. – You can actually create some very effective abstract motion backgrounds by videoing an object or scene with your lens out of focus. Many of the most artistic footage-based moving backgrounds are produced by using this technique to capture footage of lights.

  •  Blurred Footage. – One frequently used type of video background shoots is known as the light bokeh method. When shooting footage of blurred lights, especially during night hours, the result is a series of small points of light, similar to the effect of a Pointillist painting, like those made famous by the Neo-Impressionist painter, Georges Seurat during the 1880’s in France.
  •  Zoomed Footage. – When you zoom in close on an object or scene, your camera lens will automatically be out of focus, resulting in some creative, impromptu background motion footage.
  •  Motion-Centered Footage. – By slanting or panning your camera suddenly, you will produce a streaking effect, which can be used as a pleasing background abstraction. This is also an effective technique for smooth transitions between frames.  
  •  Subject-Centered Footage. – The world around us is abundant with abstractions like fire, ocean waves, clouds, snowstorms, rainfall on your car windshield and bubbling soup. In these instances, all you need to do is just point and shoot footage.  

Remember, you can always shoot artistic motion backs and then use After Effects software options to further enhance them. With use of overlay or invert features, you can alter the final look and impact of your motion backgrounds in any way that you choose. Our creative video templates can assist you with artistic placement and use of design elements. Abstract motion backs can be used to brighten up or enhance menus, titles and credits for videos. They can also be used to create some very intriguing effects when applied to footage or still photos to be included in your videos.


As abstractions, moving backs serve as appealing, restful or playful interludes between segments of an instructional or complex video presentation. These artistic and colorful motion backgrounds also emphasize the creative aspects of your videos and capture the attentions of your viewers. We offer the ultimate quality motion backgrounds at Kinetic Lens. Visit our website today and choose your favorites from our extensive online catalog of superior, advanced motion backs. Our products will satisfy all your preferences and needs for your creations and for dynamic product sales campaigns.